Trial Presentation
Trial presentation software supports presentation of evidence at trials, facilitating the storage, management, retrieval and display of images, documents and videos.
Jury Selection and Management
Jury selection products assist lawyers in selecting jurors, from pretrial research of potential jurors to voir dire, profiles, seating charts, and more.
Litigation Funding
Tools to research, manage, and report on litigation funding.
Class Actions
Products in this category are designed to facilitate filings, notifications, monitoring and administration of claims in class action lawsuits.
Brief Drafting and Analysis
Brief drafting and analysis software assists lawyers in drafting briefs; reviewing their strength, accuracy and thoroughness; and reviewing opponents' briefs for strength, accuracy and thoroughness.
Case Management
Case management software enables trial lawyers to manage all aspects of their cases, from client intake and calendaring to document management and trial preparation.
Court Calendaring
Court calendaring products enable lawyers to automatically calendar key court dates and deadlines based on the rules of the court in which the matter is filed.
Court Reporting
Software and tools used in reporting and transcription of court proceedings, depositions and other hearings.
Depositions and Hearings
Software related to preparing for and taking depositions and conducting deposition proceedings, including virtual depositions.
Docketing and E-Filing
Products related to the electronic filing, distribution and docketing of case documents.
Litigation Analytics
What is litigation analytics? Litigation analytics products use data extracted from court dockets to make predictions about case outcomes and timelines and to provide insights on judges, courts, parties, lawyers and law firms. What value do lawyers derive from litigation analytics? The value lawyers derive from litigation analytics is in the insights they provide about the court in which the case is pending, the judge presiding over the case, the…
Litigation Management and Trial Preparation
Litigation management products assist trial teams in preparing cases for trials. They may include fact and exhibit management, transcript management, issue management, document review, and case timelines.
Online Dispute Resolution
Online dispute resolution uses technology to assist parties in resolving disputes. ODR can be fully online or can augment traditional dispute resolution forums. ODR services may be offered by private parties or through courts and government entities.