Privacy Policy

LawNext Media is committed to the privacy of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy. Please review this Policy for important information about how LawNext Media collects, uses and shares your personal information.  

1. About LawNext.

”LawNext Media,” “we,” “us,” and “our,” refer to LawNext Media, Inc., a Massachusetts corporation, and its subsidiaries, if any. LawNext Media owns and operates the LawNext Legal Technology Directory website at and related subdomains that we refer to in this Policy as the “Directory.” The Directory and its related website content and features enable consumers to find information and advertising about legal technology products and services, to contact vendors and to contribute reviews. The Directory also enables vendors and advertisers to promote and provide information about their products and services for the legal market on both a free and paid basis. 

2. How to Contact Us.

By mail to:
Data Protection Officer LawNext Media, Inc.
128 Main Street
Gloucester MA 01930

By email to:  

3. Policy Scope.

We may collect, use, and share personal information about you as permitted by law and by this Policy. In this Policy, personal information means information that identifies, relates to, describes, or is reasonably capable of being associated or linked with you, directly or indirectly. Personal Information does not include information that is aggregated and anonymized or that cannot be reasonably linked to you, or information that is publicly available and not otherwise protected by law as personal information (for example, “publicly available” information as defined under the California Consumer Privacy Act). 

This Policy applies only to users of the LawNext Legal Technology Directory website and its subdomains, that are operated by LawNext Media (collectively, the “Site“) and applies only to personal information obtained by LawNext in connection with the Site. 

This Policy does not apply to information collected by the separately owned LawSites blog, our hosting platform provider Justia or our other service providers, or their respective associated companies, products, services and websites. This Policy also does not apply to products, services and websites operated by any vendor, advertiser or other third party to which our Site may provide links or whose websites link to ours. We encourage you to review the privacy statements of the websites you choose to visit from the Site so that you can understand how those websites collect, use and share your information. We are not responsible for the privacy policies or practices or other content on websites outside of the Site.

If additional terms apply to information we collect in connection with your use of particular sections of our Site or particular services we provide on the Site, we will make supplemental privacy terms available to you when you access those services or Site sections. If you contract with us for paid services such as advertising or premium Directory listings, your contract with us may contain additional or different privacy terms that supersede this Policy if and as stated in the contract. 

We may change this Policy from time to time, in which case we will post an updated version on the Site that will take effect when posted. Please regularly review the Site to ensure that you are always aware of our current information privacy practices and policies. 

4. Information We Collect from Site Visitors and Why and How We Use It.

This section describes how we collect information from you as a Site visitor, what information we collect from you as a Site visitor and how we use and may share that information. Site visitors are consumers and others who browse and search our Site. Site visitors include vendors, advertisers and reviewers when they are engaged in browsing and searching our Site.  

In general, we obtain personal information about you as a Site visitor in the following ways which are further explained below: 

  • We collect information that you and other users provide to us directly when you submit comments, service requests, forms, emails or other communications to or through our Site.
  • We collect information about you through automated means in connection with your use of the Site, such as through web server logs and cookies.
  • We may collect information about you from other Internet websites. 

4.A Information that Site Visitors Provide to Us Directly

Data Collection: We do not ask you as a Site visitor to create an account or to login to use the Site. We only collect personal information directly from you as a Site visitor if you request a service we offer on our site, or if you volunteer that information to us in an email or by posting a public comment to a blog post. The types of services you may request on our Site that prompt us to collect information from you include: to be added to our email list to receive newsletters or announcements from us or our partners, to be contacted by a vendor, to receive information from a vendor or to arrange a demo of a vendor product or service, or to download or receive whitepapers or other documents that we or Directory vendors and advertisers make available on our Site. If you make such a request, typically by clicking a link, the Site will typically respond with a form that collects all or some of the following information from you:  

Information: Examples:
Personal identifiers First name, last name, email address, phone number
Professional affiliation information Current employer, job title and responsibilities
Location Physical business location
Technology use information Software products and services you have purchased, used or considered

Depending on the nature of the service you request, our form may include other questions that collect additional personal and nonpersonal information from you. 

Data Use: When you provide personal information in connection with a service request, we use that information for the purpose of facilitating delivery of the service you requested and to quantify and analyze how visitors are using our Site. For example, if you request a demo of or information about a product or service in our Directory, we may use the information you provide us to connect you with the applicable vendor. We may also use your name and email address to notify you of additional services we offer and news relating to our Directory or Site. You may unsubscribe to those emails at any time. If you contribute a comment to a blog post on our Site, we may publicly display the comment together with your full name and any photo you have submitted as part of your profile. If you send us a private unsolicited email (not relating to a requested service), we will not use any information in that email except to respond to you privately by email, if appropriate. 

Data Sharing: If you request to connect with or receive further information from or about a vendor or advertiser on our Site, including requests for demos and document downloads, we will share your personal information with that particular vendor or advertiser. We may share your blog post comments, including any personal information that is publicly displayed with those comments, with any vendors or other partners. We will not share personal information you include in an unsolicited email to us (not relating to a requested service) with others. We also retain and use information that you provide about yourself in an aggregated anonymized form to provide our Directory vendors and advertisers with information that assists them to understand their potential customers and current users. 

4.B Information We Collect About Site Visitors via Automated Tools.  

Data Collection: When you visit the Site, LawNext records and saves information about you from our web server logs, such as your IP (Internet Protocol) address, the time and day you visited and your browser type. We may also use other automated applications, including cookies, to obtain your Site search history and data on your interactions with the Site, Site content and/or Site advertisements. Our use of cookies is described in more detail in Section 4.C below.

Data Use: We may collect and use the information we collect by automated means to analyze how visitors arrive at and use our Site, to find and fix errors and to test and assess various features for the purpose of improving the structure, content, functionality and performance of our Site and the services we provide to Site users, vendors and advertisers. In addition, we may use this information to monitor and manage Site security.  

Data Sharing: We do not share with third parties any personal information about how or when you use the Site. However, we may aggregate your individual data with that of other users, but without including any personally identifiable information, and share that aggregated data and/or related statistical analyses with vendors, advertisers, partners and other third parties to help them understand how consumers are using our Site.

4.C Information We Collect About Site Visitors from Cookies. 

Data Collection: LawNext uses “cookies” to collect information about your interactions with our Site and related email systems and online services. A cookie is a small block of data that is created by a web server and automatically placed on your computer or browsing device when you access a website. It identifies you as a unique visitor and is used to store and track certain information about you. Cookies also refers to related technologies we may use that collect similar information using certain tags, log files, web beacons, and similar tracking technologies, sometimes from third parties.  

Data Use: Our business and our Site use data collected by cookies for a variety of purposes, including to understand how our website is being used, to record your preferences in order to deliver a consistent user experience, and to enable you to efficiently move within and between pages. By using the Site, you agree to our use of cookies for the following purposes: 

  • Essential Cookies: Our Site uses certain cookies that are strictly necessary to provide the network management, access and security that are essential to enable you to move around the Site and use its core features, such as accessing secure areas of the Site and retaining data entered in forms.  
  • Performance and Analytics Cookies:  Our Site uses cookies that provide us with information about your use of the Site, such as the date, time and duration of your visits to the site, the terms you have searched, links you have followed, and pages viewed. We use this information to understand and improve how our Site is being accessed and used and to help our Directory vendors and Site advertisers to understand what information consumers are looking for or finding on our Site. We use Google Analytics (“Analytics”), Google’s free web analytics tool, for this purpose. Analytics collects information anonymously and reports website trends without identifying individual visitors. Analytics uses its own set of cookies to track visitor interactions. These cookies are used to store information, such as what time the current visit occurred, whether the visitor has been to the site before, and what site referred the visitor to the web page. As an Analytics customer, we can view a variety of reports about how you and other visitors interact with our Site so we can improve the Site and how people find it. A different set of cookies is used for each website, and visitors are not tracked across multiple sites. As an Analytics customer, we are obliged to notify you and other Site users of our use of analytics software. To disable this Analytics type of cookie, some browsers will indicate when a cookie is being sent and allow you to decline cookies on a case-by-case basis. In addition to declining cookies, you can also install the Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on in your browser, which prevents Google Analytics from collecting information about your website visits. You can also opt out by clicking here. 
  • Functionality Cookies: These cookies remember the choices you make, such as language options or your current region. We use these types of cookies to help make your visit more personal and consistent with your preferences. These cookies are deleted automatically when you close your browser or the session expires.

About Do-Not-Track and Blocking or Disabling Cookies. [LawNext does not currently respond to Do-Not-Track signals. You may, however, adjust your preferences for certain tracking, for example, by disabling cookies or using ‘private’ or ‘incognito’ browsing modes.] Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies. You can block or disable cookies on your device at any time by indicating this in the preferences or options menus in your browser. You can also delete the cookies that are stored on your device. However, blocking, disabling, or deleting cookies may limit your ability to view all the pages of the Site or to use all of the Site’s features and services. You may opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting their Ad Settings page. You may also opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies at the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page. You can find more information about cookies at and  

Data Sharing: [“Cookies may be shared with our advertising partners as described below in a data restrictive manner designed to comply with CCPA requirements. Otherwise, Justia will not disclose its cookies to third parties except as required by a valid legal process such as a search warrant, subpoena, statute, or court order.”] 

4.D Information We Collect About Site Visitors from Third Parties. 

We do not collect information about you as a Site visitor from third parties, except in connection with our use of cookies and Google Analytics as described above. 

  • Information We Collect About Vendors, Advertisers and Reviewers and How and Why We Use It. 

In the course of collecting information about legal technology products and services for our Directory, we collect personal information about certain vendor personnel and about reviewers. We also obtain personal information about certain advertiser personnel in connection with their contacting us about advertising and sponsorship opportunities.  

5.A Information We Collect Directly from Vendor and Advertiser Personnel and Reviewers

Data Collection: We obtain personal information about vendor and advertiser personnel and reviewers directly from vendors, advertisers or reviewers of products and services we include in the Directory or that we advertise on the Site. We do this primarily by using forms the vendor, advertiser or reviewer completes and submits to us directly. (Although in some cases, we may receive the information requested by our forms by email or voice communication, we still consider that information to be form data). These forms collect personal information about you if you are identified in the form as a vendor or advertiser contact person, a vendor executive or founder, or an individual reviewer. This personal information may include all or some of the following:

Information  Examples
Personal identifiers First name, last name, email address, phone number
Professional affiliation Current employer and job title
Location Physical business location
Technology use information Software products and services you have purchased, used or considered
Additional Reviewer Information
Image Photo for profile
Employment Employer and position title and role at the time you used the product or service you are reviewing; current employer and position, if different
Identity verification Social media account handles 

If you are a reviewer, our forms request additional information about your current and past employers, your job titles and responsibilities and other personal information about you for purposes of providing Site users with the context of your review and for vetting and verifying your identity and use of the product or service you are reviewing. 

Data Use: We retain and use the personal information we collect about you as a vendor or advertiser contact person solely for communicating with you as an agent of your employer so that we can provide the services requested by the vendor or advertiser. If you are an executive or founder of a vendor whose product or service is included in the Directory, we may include your name and title in the Directory if this information has been provided to us in the form. We will remove this information if requested by you or another authorized vendor representative. If you are a reviewer, we may publicly display reviews you submit to us together with your first name, last initial, current and/or past job titles, characteristics of the enterprise you worked for when using the product or service your review relates to (such as size, industry, market segment), and any photo you have submitted to us. If your reviewer account settings or review submittal form offer you the option of posting anonymous reviews and you select that option, we will not publicly display your name or photo in connection with reviews you submit after this option has been elected. We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your request to have your name and/or photo removed from reviews you have previously posted but we will not be able to remove this information from copies of the review that are not on our Site or under our control.

Data Sharing: We do not sell personal information about vendor and advertiser personnel or reviewers. We do not share this information with third parties or publicly display or disclose this information without permission. We do retain and use information we collect about you as a reviewer in an aggregated anonymized form to provide vendors and advertisers with information that assists them to understand their customer base.

5.B Information We Collect via Automated Tools about Vendor and Advertiser Personnel and Reviewers

We do not use any automated data collection tools or processes to obtain personal information about vendor or advertiser personnel or reviewers.

5.C Information We Collect from Third Parties about Vendor and Advertiser Personnel and Reviewers.  

We will not collect nonpublic personal information about vendor and advertiser personnel beyond what the vendor or advertiser provides to us. We may at our option collect additional personal information about a reviewer to vet and verify the reviewer as a bona fide user of the product or service they have reviewed or for other internal purposes. We will not share any such additional information with third parties. We will retain that information for as long as we display any reviews written by you.

6. Other Purposes for Which We May Share Your Personal Information 

In addition to sharing your personal information for the purposes that we’ve described above, we may share your personal information with third parties in the following circumstances. 

Our Service Providers. From time to time, we will need to make your personal information available to certain third parties we contract with for services that help us manage our business, such as Site hosting, development, technical support, security, data management and marketing. We share your information with these service providers only to the extent necessary for them to perform services on our behalf and only if they are obligated not to disclose your data and not to use it for any other purpose.

Our Professional Advisors and Transaction Partners. We may also use and share your personal information with professional advisors, such as lawyers and accountants, prospective lenders, investors, purchasers and successors in interest in connection with any financing, sale, merger or other transaction in which we need to identify or verify our Site users, vendors, advertisers or reviewers. We will share your information with these advisors and transaction parties only to the extent necessary and only if the recipients of the information are obligated not to disclose your data and not to use it for any other purposes. We will not sell your personal information as such but an entity that purchases the Directory or Site assets from us will obtain ownership and control of that information.

Our Legal Rights and Obligations. We may use and share your information to the extent necessary to defend against legal claims, exercise or establish our legal rights, or respond to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal process; in connection with bankruptcy proceedings, or as otherwise required by law. We may also use and share your personal information when we believe it is necessary to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal or suspected illegal activities; and to protect and defend our rights, property, security and safety and that of our Site users, service providers, licensees, and others.

7. Retention of Personal Information. 

We may retain the personal information we collect, as described in this Policy, indefinitely or for any lesser time permitted by law, for so long as we have a business need for this information.

8. Your Statutory Data Privacy Rights.

Our Policy and information privacy practices are intended to comply with the requirements of data protection laws that apply to us. You may have certain data privacy rights under those statutes and regulations, depending on where you live or are located. We will make reasonable efforts to facilitate your exercise of those rights. 

California Consumer Privacy Act. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a data privacy law that took effect January 1, 2020 and applies to certain companies that collect information about California residents. Currently, we believe the CCPA does not apply to us because we are a new business and do not meet any of the threshold volumes for applicability. However, this section of our Policy provides details about your rights in connection with our collection and use of personal information that will apply to you after we meet any of those thresholds if you are a resident of California. Those rights are:

  • Right to know what personal information we collect about you, how we collect, use or disclose this personal information, and other information about our data privacy practices;
  • Right to know whether your personal information is being sold or disclosed and to whom;
  • Right to opt out of the sale of your personal data;
  • Right to access your personal data;
  • Right to request that we delete any information about you that we collect from you;
  • Right to not be discriminated against for exercising your privacy rights.

Under the CCPA, you may exercise these rights yourself or you may designate an authorized agent to make these requests on your behalf. We may require you or your authorized agent to provide written evidence of your consent to permit the agent to make requests on your behalf. We may need to verify your identity, and your authorized agent’s identity if you use one, by requesting additional documentation such as a government issued ID.

You or your authorized agent may submit a request to exercise your California privacy rights under the CCPA by contacting us at

Nevada Privacy Rights

If you are a resident of Nevada, Nevada law (SB 220, as amended in 2021), permits you to opt-out of the sale of certain kinds of your personal information by certain “operators” or “data brokers” who make your personal information available for money. We believe this law does not apply to personal information we collect about you because we do not sell your personal information for money. However, if you are a Nevada resident with a bona fide belief that the Nevada law applies to the information we collect about you, you may contact us for further information about our compliance with this Nevada law at

European Privacy Rights f you are a resident or are otherwise located in the territory of Europe, this section provides additional details about the personal data we collect about you, and your rights granted by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

Subject to certain limitations, the GDPR provides you the following privacy rights:

Transparency and the right to information. Through this policy we explain how we use and share your personal information. However, if you have questions or concerns you can contact us any time at 

Right of access, objection, restriction of processing, erasure, and portability. You can make a request to access, object, restrict, erase, or transfer any of your personal data here. You also have the right to withdraw your consent at any time when we process your personal data based on your consent.

Right to opt-out to direct marketing. You have the right to opt-out at any time to receiving marketing materials from us by following the opt-out instructions in our commercial emails, by contacting us, or by adjusting your preferences under your Profile Details on the Site.

Please note that we reserve the right to send you other communications, including service announcements and administrative messages relating to your account, without offering you the opportunity to opt out of receiving them.

Right not to be subject to an automated decision, including profiling. We do not make automated decisions using your personal data that may negatively impact you. We use cookies and similar technologies on our Site to personalize your experience on the Site and recommending software products and services that may be of interest to you. For additional information or to opt-out see our cookie policy terms in Section 5.C above.

Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. If you consider that the processing of your personal data infringes your privacy rights according to the GDPR, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, in the member state of your habitual residence, place of work, or place of the alleged infringement. Contact details for the EU data protection authorities can be found at

Legal Basis for Processing (EEA and Switzerland only)

Our legal basis for collecting and using the personal data described in this policy will depend on the type of information and the context in which we collect it.

However, we will normally collect personal data from you only in the following circumstances:

  • Where we have your express consent to do so
  • Where we need the personal data to perform a contract with you
  • Where the processing is in our legitimate interests and is not overridden by your data protection interests or fundamental rights and freedoms

In some cases, we may also have a legal obligation to collect personal data from you to protect your vital interests or those of another person (for example, to prevent, investigate or identify possible wrongdoing in connection with the Site or to comply with legal obligations).

If we ask you to provide personal data to comply with a legal requirement or to perform a contract with you, we will identify such basis for processing at the relevant time and let you know if the provision of your personal information is mandatory or not (as well as the possible consequences associated with not providing such information).

If we collect and use your personal data in reliance on our legitimate interests (or those of any third party), this interest will typically be to operate our Site, communicate with you in relation to your account or the Site, to solicit information from you, including through surveys, to share aggregated information with providers of listed products or services and other licensees of our research and report offerings, to measure interest in and improve our offerings and Site, to engage in marketing activities, and to otherwise customize your experience.

The lawful basis for our use of cookies to collect and process data about your use of the Site and related email systems is your individual consent, and in the case of our use of essential cookies, our legitimate interest is in being able to provide functional access to our Site.

If you have questions about or need further information concerning the legal basis on which we collect and use your personal information, please contact us at

9. Children’s Privacy

Our Site is intended for a general business audience and does not offer services directed to people under the age of 18. We do not knowingly collect information from people under the age of 18 and no one under the age of 18 is authorized to use or post information on our Site. If you are under 18, do not use the Site or any features or functionalities of the Site and do not provide us with or enter on the Site any information about yourself, including but not limited to your name, address, telephone number, email address or any username or screen name you use. We will delete or destroy any information we learn has been provided by someone under the age of 18. If you suspect that we have such information, please contact us at

10. Security

We have implemented reasonable administrative, technical, and physical security controls and procedures, directly and through our service providers, to help protect the personal information you provide to us. We limit access to your private personal information to our authorized employees and service providers who have a business need to access that information and who are obligated to maintain the privacy of that information and to use the information only for our benefit in operating the Site. Transmissions between our system and yours are encrypted.  Our hosting provider and our hosting provider’s data centers have deployed firewalls and other intrusion protection and detection methods to prevent unauthorized access to your private personal information. We will review our data privacy policies and practices at least annually.

Last reviewed December 20, 2021